Thursday, December 28, 2006

Developing the Chambers has been going for seven years. During this time, we have published hundreds of poems, some are quite superb. Running a website requires connection to people.

We now have a small band of writers some of whom publish their works on and then we have those extraordinary individuals who simply want to write for which we create individual posting blogs, this has worked with two poets so far, now we want to augment the audience. We asked others to assist in the editing of the site - full gratitude for Kim Randell for her observations that have helped to improve the layout and structure of things, but more involvement by more individuals would of course mean a better site.

I now have a small budget to advertise the site so we increase your readership.

My ideas: presents a weekly poem published in the Herald Classifieds (a Haiku or similar is more likely to be chosen for this!) publishes a poem of the month on a card and distributes one of these each month. creates a monthly event for readers to perform before an audience and uses one or both of the above to publicise it.

If you would like to be involved in the monthly event you had better email me. I am also looking for more poets who want to try their hand at posting.

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